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Pure Dutch

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Our culinary culture? It's straightforward, sustainable and healthy food. And all that goodness comes from the Dutch soil!

Albert KooyExecutive Chef

Dive into The Heart of Dutch Cuisine.

Back to the roots!
Our own Dutch cuisine has so much to offer but we don't always realize it. Get reacquainted with typical homegrown classics such as Rinse appelstroop, Frisian nail cheese, hangop and Zaanse Mosterd. Taste what made Holland great. We are proud of our Dutch cuisine, so come and enjoy the traditional Dutch hospitality!

Experience the pleasure of making and tasting classic Dutch dishes, each with a touch of history and a sense of place.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you are sure to enjoy this fun and delicious experience.

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Four course Pure Dutch


Profiteroles filled with Dutch goat cheese*


Mustard Soup with smoked white fish and a poached egg

Main Courses

Texel Lamb with ‘Rinse’ applesauce, Dutch potato mash and a waffle of Frisian clove cheese 


Almond snaps with strained yoghurt and marinated fruit

The dishes marked with (*) will be omitted when choosing a three-course menu.

Unveil Flavors

Reveal hidden tastes through 'Unveil Flavors' at Keizer Culinair. Embark on a sensory journey, challenging norms and expanding horizons, as our chefs craft innovative culinary adventures.


Change happens gradually. We’re moving towards a more mindful, balanced life, shedding excess and focusing on emotional well-being and wholesome nutrition.

Embrace Modesty

‘Less is More’ is our motto. We’re done with excess; we’re embracing creativity from scarcity. We connect city life with nature’s bounty, favouring our local greens and tubers over imported luxuries.


Keizer Culinair shatters the ‘tasty equals imported’ myth. Our menu, full of local produce, legumes and grains, champions our belief in flavourful, sustainable food.


Food isn’t about status; it’s about connection. Our menu of simple, yet challenging dishes emphasizes this shared experience, transforming everyday ingredients into culinary magic.

What are you waiting for? Get cooking, good looking!

Start your cooking adventure now!

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