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Classique Française

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Discover the Heart of French Cuisine.

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There are few cuisines in the world that can match French cuisine in terms of sheer sophistication. From simple, rustic dishes to haute cuisine, French cuisine has something for everyone.

The Classique Français cooking workshop will teach you the secrets of classic French cuisine and explore the flavors, techniques and dishes that make French cuisine so iconic. With a menu featuring local produce, timeless French classics and an abundance of flavor, this is an experience you won't want to miss!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you are sure to enjoy this fun and delicious experience.

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Classique Française


Toast champignon

Soupe à l’Oignon

Steak Tartare*

Main Course

Entrecôte with Sauce Béarnaise

Gratin Dauphinois

 Salade Verte

Tarte Aux Courgettes*


Tarte Tatin made with raspberries

The dishes marked with (*) will be omitted when choosing a three-course menu.

Unveil Flavors

"Reveal hidden tastes through 'Unveil Flavors' at Keizer Culinair. Embark on a sensory journey, challenging norms and expanding horizons, as our chefs craft innovative culinary adventures."

Embrace Modesty

‘Less is More’ is our motto. We’re done with excess; we’re embracing creativity from scarcity. We connect city life with nature’s bounty, favouring our local greens and tubers over imported luxuries.


Food isn’t about status; it’s about connection. Our menu of simple, yet challenging dishes emphasises this shared experience, transforming everyday ingredients into culinary magic.


Change happens gradually. We’re moving towards a more mindful, balanced life, shedding excess and focusing on emotional well-being and wholesome nutrition.


Keizer Culinair shatters the ‘tasty equals imported’ myth. Our menu, full of local produce, legumes and grains, champions our belief in flavourful, sustainable food.

Challenge the Norm

Keizer Culinair is here to debunk the 'exotic equals exciting' stereotype. Our plates offer a symphony of locally sourced ingredients, standing tall in their simplicity and proving that less can indeed be more.

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Start your cooking adventure now!

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